Electric Fence

The electric fencing system can be castoff in many agricultural areas, as erection of electric fences can be much cheaper and faster than conventional fences. An electric fence decreases risk of harm to livestock compared to fences made of barbed wire or sharp things that can ensnare the feet of the animal. Our Electric fences can also be used on private properties to prevent intruders from getting in. our private property electric fence system is mostly non-lethal, and it comes with an alarm system that alarms you instantly when the wires are tampered with, which alerts home owners of intrusion, at the same time as also giving an uncomfortable shock to the intruder.

Our Electric fences can also be used for aesthetic resolves, whereby it gives a property a stylish look while also protecting the possessions. Most importantly, it protects the property from robbery and other criminalities

we will assistance you delimit your electric fencing necessities, provide a friendly electric fencing system planning service, offer free electric fencing intelligence ,post sales and set up support because we care and we want to make your electric fencing installation safe, secure and full-bodied hence giving you value for money.


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