Hand held detectors

Hand Held Detectors

Biosys Systems Solutions has supplied a range of hand held bodyscanner metal detectors to a wide variety of organisations throughout the country including schools, magistrates courts and crown courts, police stations, shipping companies and a whole range of warehouses and retail outlets for loss prevention.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Designed for detecting hidden metallic items for security applications
  • Suited to businesses carrying out searches of people entering or leaving premises
  • Easy to use, no calibration needed

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About Company

We are a local company operating at every level and have made delivering exceptional customer service the ethos of our business and believe this has been the bases of our success and is contributing to our growth.

Office Location

  • White Angle Hse, Tsavo Road, Room 102
  • (+254) 0733-516-965
  • (+254) 0733-516-965
  • info@biosyskenya.com


  • Industrial Area, Enterprise Road behind Shell
  • (+254) 0733-516-965
  • (+254) 0733-516-965
  • info@biosyskenya.com